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Jinja Excursions -Visit Uganda

A Day trip to Jinja, the adrenaline capital of Uganda. Visit the Source of the Nile; enroute to Jinja tour Mabira rainforest, the spectacular Sezibwa falls, a spiritual and cultural centre. Alternatively, go for a full or half day white water rafting. Other things to do include; Wild Nile jet boating, the Nile high bungy...
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Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo valley National Park is regarded as the most remote National Park in Uganda as it is located in the far Northeastern corner of Uganda along the boarders with Sudan and Kenya. It has been a National Park since 1954 and it covers an area of about 1,442sqkm. It is about12hours drive or more in...
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Uganda is gifted by Lake Victoria which is the largest fresh water lake in the whole of Africa. Lake Victoria sunset cruises not much developed provide an opportunity to have some good time on the lake while exploring islands and features with in these fresh water lake. Lake Victoria Sunset cruises normally start at 4...
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Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Santuary -Uganda

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Santuary is home to 49 orphaned chimps rescued from throughout Uganda. Island facilities offer day trips and overnight trips and which provide exceptional opportunity to closely observe and interact with these fascinating great apes in this unique setting A day visit to Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary, one of the few chimpanzee sanctuaries in Africa....
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7 Facts about Lake Victoria You will Love.

Lake Victoria is one of the largest African great lakes. Lake Victoria was named after Queen Victoria. The lake was named by the explorer John Hanning Speke. Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water body in the world after Lake Superior in North America. The fresh water body is called Nalubaale in Luganda and...
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You Should Trek Gorillas in Uganda -The 5 Biggest Reasons

Across the world, the total number of mountain gorillas is estimated to be about 880 or so. Mountain gorilla is one of the eastern gorilla species and they are commonly seen in either the in central Africa’s Virunga volcanic mountains therefore are shared by Uganda in Mgahinga national park, Rwanda in volcanoes national park and...
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